Pre-PreMedicated Murder

Pre-PreMedicated Murder

While pursuing his doctoral research in chemistry at the Royal College of Science, Imperial College, of the University of London, Charles was appointed to the RCS Publication Committee, with responsibility for publication of the College’s Scientific Journal. As secretary/treasurer, he was proud of the fact that a previous incumbent, many years earlier, of course, was H.G. Wells. Sometime later, he appeared on the same scientific program as another distinguished science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov. With these experiences, he was sure that if he ever took to writing fiction it would be Science Fiction. But that is yet to be.

Meanwhile, Charles’s long career in the pharmaceutical industry provided ample opportunities to satisfy his enthusiasm for writing. He went on to publish more than seventy scientific and technical publications and patents on subjects such as Citrylidene-malonic Acid, the Synthesis and Hypoglycemic Activity of Mercaptopyridinecarboxylic Acids, and Substructural Analysis in Drug Design. Despite his dislike of and discomfort with crawly things, his critical publications on the Chemistry and Biochemistry of Insect Hormones resulted in his election to the American Entomological Society. He has also published another forty or so short stories in magazines, journals, and online. Whether he writes on travel, language, dogs, fairy tales, or tennis, his writings are invariably sprinkled with offbeat humor. He just can't seem to help himself.

Although he decided he was too old to write a first novel, PreMedicated Murder finally saw the light of the Kindle when Charles was eighty-three. Completing the task was a thrill to be remembered. 

Isaac Asimov was a prolific author, having written nearly five hundred books. Knowing his obsession to write, and thinking that the renowned writer might share some other unfulfilled need, Charles asked him what he would do if he knew he had just six months left to live. "Write faster," Asimov replied. With several more books in mind, Charles Berkoff is now determined to write faster. Much faster.