Award-Winning Writer

Charles Berkoff

Announces publication of his two new books:

The Lighter Side of London's Bloody Blitz 

As Seen Through the Eyes of a Young Boy

[Published in February, 2020, and available in 

Kindle and Paperback formats]

This book has been endorsed by the Royal British Legion, 

the UK equivalent of the US Veterans Administration.

See also: the lead essay in the May, 2020 issue of 

The History of Britain Magazine. 

It’s the largest online history magazine in the UK.

It includes some great images.


The Catcher Goes Awry

[Published in February, 2019, and 

Available in Kindle format]


PreMedicated Murder

Winner of Awards in both Humor and Adult Fiction-Mystery 

[Published in August, 2015, and remains available in 

Paperback, Kindle, and BookNook formats]